3 Ways to Choose a Chicago Limousine Service

Ever taken a ride in a limo? It sure feels like royalty, whether it’s a wedding, bachelor party or just bar hopping. If you’ve never hired a personal chauffeur driven limousine service in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. You will be spoilt for choices when renting one, but how do you decide?

On my last trip to the windy city, I got talking to the chauffeur on my way to O’Hare. I shared my horror stories of renting luxury cabs. He let me in on things that I hardly considered, while renting a limousine service before. I’ve had almost no surprises with limousine rentals since then. Let me let you in the three most important ones:


Image: Kamoteus

The Fleet Checklist:

It’s absolutely necessary to swing by the agency and check out their fleet of cars, from the inside. Make sure you’re paying for clean interiors, that don’t smell like last night’s party.

If you’re going to be drinking, check if they would allow you to get your own liquor. There’s no harm in asking if they’re running any specials. You never know, a great deal might just be perfect for the night you are planning. And don’t take a decision before you compare quotes from at least a couple of agencies.

The Dream Car:

Do you have a specific car in mind that you just got can’t do without? If that’s the case, inquire with the limousine service in Chicago, if they have an older model of the car. You could do a quick run through and see if it fits your bill. This will almost always be a cheaper option.

Are you on a vacation and the day of the week you plan to go out isn’t carved in stone? Well if you go out on a weekday there would always be a bigger pool of cars to choose from and it would be lighter on your pocket.


Image: FotoSleuth

Better Safe Than Sorry:

There’s no worse way to end an eventful night, than a mishap. This quick list will help you make sure your basics are taken care of:

  • The limousine service in Chicago should have a valid certification.
  • Their fleet should up to date inspections and approvals from respective authorities.
  • Insurance should cover both their vehicle and passengers.
  • MC numbers are required by vehicles that intend to legally cross state lines.

By no means, these are the only things you should keep in mind. Always ask friends and family for suggestions of services they have used before. What they liked and what turned them off. If you’re new in town, you could always browse forums like tripadvisor.

You’ll generally find honest opinion from people who have used services like these.

No matter what you’ve planned for Chicago, cruising in a limousine will help you do it in style. Keep these tips in mind, and choose a luxury car agency that fits both your budget and occasion.