Amazon Product Listing


Image: Bernard Goldbach

Amazon Product Listing:How to Write Listings That Bring in The Money!

Writing Amazon product listings are now a niche in themselves. Do you already sell products on Amazon or planning to start? Keep these tips in mind and drive quality traffic, to your products doorsteps. Let’s get started:

Product Title:

That’s obvious isn’t it? So you’ve set up the product page and put in a description for your product. But there’s not much activity. Wondering why?

Even if it’s a hot new product that you thought of first, there will always be someone else selling similar stuff. To make your product stand out you would need to be as descriptive as possible. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t look like you’re trying to stuff every detail in the title of your Amazon product listing.

For example putting the size, material, manufacturer, color etc will give customers the total picture.

We’re used to shopping at stores, and physically checking out products. You’ll need to give your customers a similar experience, making it easier for them to decide.

Finally, the title needs to be less than 200 characters. Some categories like cosmetics have title restrictions of 50 characters. Make sure your products are listed in the correct categories and adhere to the title character restrictions.

Bullet Points:

Now you’ve grabbed attention, and successfully led them to read your product description. This is your chance to convince them to take action, by stirring up those hidden desires. There are many ways of accomplishing this task. But concentrating on “what’s in it for the customer”, is the most basic and effective.

Avoid empty superlatives (Amazing, Best selling, Superior quality), and making it sound like a sales pitch. Each bullet point should make a valid point stand out, and if possible add a desire or want that’s being fulfilled.

Reviews on competing products are a good place to start if you need inspiration. Satisfied customers don’t always write reviews, unless they are wowed. On the other hand unsatisfied ones are more than happy to vent their frustrations. This is a goldmine for you. Highlight the prospective buyers pain points and help them experience the benefits.


If you thought the title was the only factor in ranking your products on Amazon search engine, you’re wrong. Keywords play an equally important role.

Ever had a tough time remembering the exact name of the movie, author or a band? Maybe you could only remember a famous dialogue in the movie or a character of the story. Adding abbreviations, synonyms and character names from books or movies to your Amazon product listing, can help people get to your product, even if they don’t exactly type in the title of the product.

The keywords should be in the most logical order, helping your product show up on Amazon’s search engine. Don’t bother putting in misspellings or plural of your product name as the search engine already takes care of that.

The auto-complete drop-down feature in the Amazon search engine is mighty helpful. It will show you the most relevant keywords that are relevant to your product.

These simple yet powerful tips can help you write product listing that’ll help increase your conversion rates. That said, you should always keep testing. Alter one thing at a time and check if it impacts your sales. Happy selling!